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Sun Spiced Alpacas is dedicated to improvement of the Suri alpaca in the United States. With an eye to enhancing quality with each generation of crias, we also strive to serve our customers with honesty and integrity. We have a full range of services including agistment, consulting, brokering, training, and new breeder mentoring. We view every new customer as an addition to our alpaca community. Visitors are always welcome. We love to talk about our alpacas.

It all started at a petting zoo. One simple touch of that so-soft fiber and we wanted alpacas. We found twenty acres in Homosassa, Florida, and the adventure began. We researched and visited many alpaca breeders, both Huacaya and Suri. Although we visited many farms, we fell in love with the elegance of Suri alpacas on our first farm visit. As Florida natives, we tackled land clearing and preparing for alpacas with glee. Then our first two girls arrived along with our new alpaca lifestyle. Now, our dream is alive at Sun Spiced Alpacas, and the obsession grows more intense every day.

Homosassa is on the Gulf Coast of Florida and home to manatees and great fishing. Our farm is convenient to major highways and major airports while enabling us to enjoy life in rural Florida away from the swarming tourist Meccas.

We are committed to breeding hardy and genetically diverse Suri alpacas. We have Suri alpacas of prestigious Peruvian, Bolivian, and Chilean origins in a full range of colors. Each brings unique qualities to the genetic pool, and we strive to take advantage of each one’s merits. We feel strongly that the future of the alpaca industry is in the production of conformationally sound, quality fiber producing offspring. We love to bring home blue ribbons, but fiber is our ultimate goal. Each year, through selective breeding that complements the merits of each dam, we seek to improve our crias. In our quest for the perfect cria, we get closer each year by featuring the genetics of Jax Accoyo Kalvin, Mahogany Prince, Kobe, Cantano, Silver King, MacGyver, Accoyo Ace, Torbio, Peruvian Inca, Protocol, Principe Platino, Blackmail, Ransom El Platino and many other desirable lines.

We are thrilled to be members of the “alpaca club.” The alpaca community is largely comprised of breeders dedicated to the preservation of these beautiful friends we call alpacas. During our long search as beginners, this one fact stood out--the majority of alpaca owners were truly dedicated to the well being of their charges. Most are very sincere in wanting to help new comers and old-timers in the stewardship of these animals, and most conduct their business in an upfront and ethical manner. Just as we were welcomed to so many farms, we welcome you to call and plan a visit to our farm.

The heat and humidity of the Southeast combine to make a unique challenge to our alpacas, but no more challenging than dealing with blizzards in January! We would much rather hose off the herd in the heat than chip ice during a snow storm. We run large fans constantly, and on the hottest days, we spritz alpaca bellies at lunchtime. The crankiest alpaca becomes so sweet if you have the water hose. Ice added to the water trough also helps encourage them to stay hydrated. Vigilance is the key and plenty of shade trees in the pastures. Buy a Sun Spiced alpaca and get an alpaca already acclimated to heat and humidity.

Cash discount available on purchases over $5,000.
Financing available on purchases over $5,000 with low down payment. Terms negotiated at the time of sale.

Free boarding for up to 60 days for all alpacas purchased at Sun Spiced Alpacas. Details negotiable at time of sale.
Transport available within the state of Florida. Transport price negotiated at the time of sale.

Sun Spiced Alpacas offers a full guarantee on the reproductive health of each alpaca, except as noted. We offer a full 7 day live birth guarantee on our crias.
Other terms, conditions, discounts, agistments, breedings, etc. negotiated at the time of sale.