Why Alpacas?


Other factors to consider with alpacas:

  • Alpacas are very safe around children and the  elderly.  In fact, many retirees  gravitate to alpacas for this reason.

  • Daily clean up is easy since they share communal  “poop” piles. 

  • A simple three-sided shelter is sufficient in  most climates. 

  • The commute to work is a short walk to the barn!

  • Tax considerations


References: IRS Code Section 179-details  annual deductions allowed

For more information refer  to IRS Publication 225, “Farmer’s Tax Guide” at the IRS website


This article is intended as a  guide to help establish your alpaca business.   These items should be discussed with a CPA or tax attorney knowledgeable  in such agricultural businesses.  We are  not CPA’s, nor are we tax attorneys, but offer these financial concepts as  issues to pursue with your financial advisor.               

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